Studio Tassin Design

At the time of one of their stay in Italy in 1994, Alain and Christophe Tassin, decided to propose synthesized images by computer to the Genoese Architect´s in order to present their architectural projects.
At the same time they met a famous naval architect by the name Aldo Cichero,who was seduced by their vanguard works.
From that moment they started a friendship which turned into a decade of collaboration and a significant number of yacht´s realized together
During all these year´s Christophe and Alain never stopped working in architectural design and acquire a diversified experience in all areas, marines,homes,shop´s and design.
Solidify their knowledge colloborating since 1997 with Fipa Maiora shipyard which brought them technical knowledge and material contact.
Growing stronger from their experience in the marine industry, the founded their own company in 2004 The Tassin Studio L.t.d.
Since seven year´s the Tassin Studio has studied new projects, refitting, interior design, decoration and advisory on board for major italians and foreign shipyards. Among their wellknown partner´s you find F.P Yacht´s of Picchiotti, Tecnomarine, Amico&Co, Vincenzo Catarsi Mare,Navalia, Union Force Marine , Alfa Yacht´s Yard E Bangkok Marine Engineering co. Ltd PRINCIPALES REALISATIONS ET PROGETS